When we call ourselfs “developed”..!!

I decided to write this after seeing various kinds of people from various places to which i have been..

The term “develop” according to the dictionary is : ‘grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate’. But according to my observation and thinking, above this comes getting evolved or adopted according to surroundings.

During my one of the visit to Manali(Himachal Pradesh), I met a old man aged 90s during trek. He helped my group to find our campsite when we were separated from the rest. While conversing, he said how he used to live his life.  He said:

“We never bother about our future. We have almighty to take care for it. And also we dont have such high ‘standards’ of living. We wake up and think what are we going to do today, do that thing and have a peaceful sleep”

I think this may be one of the very main reason why he was so fit and active at such age.

Now when we look towards the scenario on other side, people are busy competing for useless things, getting politics involved, suppressing weak and honest.

I dont say all of them are these, but yes majority are selfish when it comes to there personal gains. We overthink about our future, dont trust our self, getting jealous over other’s success and sometimes ruining the successful person too.

So, by doing this all things, we may even become “successful” in terms of monetary gains, but what about the “human” development. It gets deteriorated and destroyed.

At last, there are many important things i learned from that old man.

  1. Be helpful and kind.
  2. Never overthink and overburden yourself.
  3. Have trust in yourself and your strength.
  4. All happens for a good reason.

4 thoughts on “When we call ourselfs “developed”..!!

  1. Saroj Sharma

    This was really an awaking thought..not only materialistic development is important but humanly development is also having the same importance ….people are busy in running after their dreams and they only think of tomorrow but what about today…what about the movement you are living in..balance is important…people will have to think in both of the directions because situation also matters……this kind of thinking really need a space to grow!!!
    Saroj Sharma

    Liked by 1 person

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