Equality vs Equity

First of all, lets clear out the meaning of both the terms, i.e. equality and equity.

Equality: It is treating  everyone the same.

Equity: Aims to  promote fairness amongst everyone.

We come across many cases when we find that equality isn’t just enough to get to the solution. Eg: In racing, if all players start running from a same starting line, then players running in inner lane has advantage over those running in outer lane of track-field. So as a solution, there were different starting points made at each lane so that fairness has been justified. This gives rise to EQUITY.

In today’s era, equality isn’t enough for people to survive. There has to be equity enforced. It is  because, in equality, there is equal share for everyone, but those who are already well-set, they get the share which will be a bonus to them. And on other side, some people gets the equal portion which is still not enough for them to rise up and survive. So if the same bonus share if provided to the people lacking that, it could be worth of it.

Same situation comes with current education system of India. There has been given too many portion of reserved seats to which now comes a scenario that students from general group suffer. I don’t say that there shouldnt be reserved quota, it should be. But there also must be a system which sees that only needy candidates get advantage of it. This will promote equity.

So concluding this, we derive that:

  1. Equity brings in optimum use of resources with least wastage.
  2. Equity gives “fairness” in each task.
  3. This results in more efficient “outputs” with fair amount of skills and developement.

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