Country And Its Citizens

Today’s blog features about how crucial role the citizens play in development of their country.

There comes a very important role of citizens in deciding how their country is going to develop. The presidents and other heads have their role at higher level, but the growth of it from the “ROOTS” is in the hands of the citizens.

“All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work”

It doesn’t take some great investment or a special requirement through which we can develop our country. By  improving our day-to-day habits, some minor changes in our attitude and mentality is enough for creating an awareness.

If I take example of my country, then simple things are required to be adopted by our people.

Lets take an example of a very common issue, i.e. garbage disposal. We have habit of throwing things on road, out of our houses on streets, etc. even though municipality has arranged the garbage disposal trucks and all. Here comes the issue of mentality and habits of people. They don’t want to adopt to this change. Due to this mentality of people, the workers take the things lightly, and the ones who have changed suffer, so after some time, they also start doing the things they used to do before.

So here, system has started an initiative, but citizens play a major role in “deciding” and “proving“, that the initiative they made was successful or not.

On other hand, MY country has reached heights in all fields of technology, giving a tough competition to the developed nations. The ISRO making PSLV’s, helping in launching satellites of country’s that are far advanced, MANGAL-YAAN(MOM), CEO’s of some gigantic companies and from HOTMAIL to TATA, they have contributed in their developement of their country.

So concluding, the thing is clear that citizens of a particular country plays a very vital role in showing how well their country is, whether it be sports or science.




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