Hello readers, this time I bring up the topic of examinations.

All of us have been through many sorts of examination, like school test, term test, graduate test and even tests for licenses of various categories.

Exams are there in order to check that is one enough capable in handling that thing or he has enough knowledge to come to that post.

But surprisingly, we have taken exam as “ONLY” source to find out that the person is enough qualified or not. We have also seen many people who being an average student does have far better knowledge then the toppers. And for some people examination seems a big burden which they couldn’t carry on sometimes.

The point here is not to abolish exams or go against it, but to bring few changes in the pattern of examinations so that there is an equal opportunity for each and every student to show on their talent.

Like, we can have multiple exams from which better score could be considered. Also there should be more focus on practical examination rather than theory, because in today’s world, SKILLS are more in demand rather than bookish knowledge. And also if our practical approach is clear, then we would already have idea about theoretical knowledge.


-Fakhruddin Vhora


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