What are festivals for???

Hello readers, today’s topic is on festivals.

The country in which I live is full of festivals because it is a country of Diversity where people from all “so-called castes” live here.

Festivals are meant as a means for celebration, enjoyment, knowing the importance of auspicious day, getting together with people, bringing in unity and brotherhood. But as we have stepped into the advanced generation, the meaning of festivals have changed.

Lets take example of Diwali. First Diwali used to be a festival where everyone used to gather at each other’s house, stay together for a day or so, seek blessings from adults, etc. This used to increase the relationship between the relatives and also the neighborhood people.

But now, majority of families see Diwali as a vacation gap where they go out for a tour. Secondly, the increase in crackers cause harm to environment as well as the property.

Second example is of the Independence Day. The concept of declaring it as a NATIONAL DAY was that the people will gather on this day where they could get knowledge on heroic deeds of our freedom fighters. Also a get-together with different people from different backgrounds would result in bonding between each other and understanding each other.

But nowadays, youngsters and even some grown-ups waste there money in organizing DJs and rallies. I mean that is this really required?? It is sheer non-sense. Also some politicians use this as a opportunity to spend  money on promoting themselves.

If they really want to do such things, then they can organize a charity show, or also give gifts to the poor kids. You can also spend your time in an orphanage and give gifts. This is what the world really needs.

Also, as the world is changing, we also need to adopt to it. Avoiding POP idols, ban on using thermocols for various structures which are immersed in waters. We can have alternate of mud or biodegradable materials to make things.

Also one of the very important issue is about avoiding using of animals in the festivals all around the world. There was a time when this all was accepted. Now we can change that thing. Animals too have a life, a family and more important, a right to live as we have. We have no rights to play with their fate, after all we are all animals.

Concluding this blog, festivals are meant to bring closeness and happiness into one’s life. So rather then focusing on other things, lets focus on being together and help out someone needy.




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