Peer Pressure

This term is very well-known to everyone especially the students. So first lets know the general meaning of peer pressure.

“Influence from members of one’s peer group. “

A group is very important thing to have in life. Isolation is never fruitful to anyone.

Peer pressure has many good aspects. It gives us motivation. For eg. If one of our friend is getting successful, then it gives us the motivation to do the same thing.

Also it gives us the guidance. Discussing problems with our peers gives us the wider opinions/options and “paths” for solving that problems. We also get some ideas which we haven’t ever thought.Also we get right path if we analyze all the given opinions correctly according to our problems.Also having a group helps us mentally and gives us a feeling of “togetherness”.

But this can go to worst if we fail in selecting our peer circle or we get too much attached to it.

There would be two main point to discuss about.


In this, we get pressurised by the group in doing a particular thing that isn’t one in which we are interested. Also, this is not only concerned to students. It is also for the parents, who get influenced by their group circle and takes decision for their children. This scenario is quite seen in educational fields, where the main career of a student has to be framed


Sometimes coming in influence with the group, one inculcates bad habits like smoking, drinking to name a few. This not only brings down the person himself but also brings down pride and respect on one’s family.


The effects depend upon how the individual has taken the pressure.

If one has taken it positively, it will eventually lead to rise in his own character and his work. He will be able to find out where is he lacking and also which areas are needed to be focused so as to get ahead.

But if there’s not a positive intake, then it will lead to depression, over thinking, selection of wrong paths, wrong decision. This has also resulted into suicides in some cases.

So at last I would conclude that peer pressure is good to some extent. But eventually it depends upon person to person, how well he is able to cope up with the things.



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