Pets are the most fascinating companions humans ever had. There’s a beautiful quote regarding it:

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains awakened”

One must own a pet animal. There are many physical and physiological benefits to humans.

  • Having a pet creates a cheerful environment around you. One doesn’t feel lonely when they have a pet around them.
  • Pets also helps the humans in physical ways. Taking a morning walk with pets, maintaining them, taking their care requires a great effort. So it boosts us physically
  • They are also emotionally attached with us. They get more cheerful than us on any good occasion of our family, and on other side, if there is a bad day, then they also change according to it.
  • The joyful nature of pets, esp. cats and dogs, always cheers up our mood. And also if we are sad,  then they try their level best to improve your mood.
  • The main thing is morals.

    They teach us how to be loyal to someone. This is very important value which has been lacking in many people.

But on other hand, if you own a pet, you must also respect them and treat them as your own family member. If you want all the things which you deserve from your pet, then you must also give them all these things.

Mistreating your pet, bullying it, using it for your personal benefits rather as your companion are things which one must avoid.

Ending it, I personally suggest one must have a pet. It boosts your life morale and many other important life aspects.


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