This term is very common to us and maybe we hear this term many times every day.

But we never think in deep about it.

This term “faith” has tremendous power which could change a person’s life drastically in either ways, i.e. positively or negatively.

Each and every person has one or many people on whom they have faith or trust them.

The first one is our parents on whom we have faith. As like, if they say so and so, they are right and so we also implement that. This is our faith in them that whatever they say has some positives in it and it wouldn’t harm us, as at last they are our parents and they won’t wish anything bad/wrong for their children.


Then comes the person which is not a member of our family, but the faith one keeps on that person, makes him somewhat a family member.

But selecting that person is very difficult and one often tends to get mislead if they keep faith in wrong person.

Vice versa, if you have kept faith on the right person then they show you correct “path” to follow. Also they motivate when you “fall” down or you are going on through a “low” phase of life where everything goes opposite to what you want/desire.

Such persons act as a torch bearer inside a dark cave and guide you outside into the “sunlight”.

So, it is very necessary on whom you keep faith.

There may be mistakes in recognizing a person and you fall for it. But one must get aware of it quickly and get out of it.

ALL of the above things are well, but a person should always have faith in itself and shouldn’t loose it at any cost.


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