The one day that’s everyone are waiting for.

The person himself is waiting for getting a year older, getting surprises, getting blessed by elders, gifts(demanded) and the persons near and dear ones waiting to wish them, surprise them and beat them in case of youngsters.

This day is full of blessings, an aroma of happiness is flowing around the person.. Happy smiling faces, hugs, handshakes, love which the one is receiving fills him with full of positive vibes and energy.

But as per my point of view,  birthdays are the meant for various others reasons too..

Firstly, it helps to make a connection between two persons, also serving as a topic with which they can start off.

Secondly, it helps to reunite the friendship that was once lost in the space of time and distance. This serves as a reason for bridging the gap created between two persons. They take this as an important priority and wish you which rejuvenate the relationship between them

And lastly, it serves as a creation of new milestone in your life. A birthday helps you to analyze that what you did in your past years, how much input you took to get the output you have desired, and still how long is way you are still left to cover. It also acts like a highway hotel, where you sit and take rest for the remaining journey which you will begin from tomorrow or after some moment of time.

One must see where they are going, are they up to their own expectations, what is still left in them, what shall be removed, etc etc. This all analyses sets your course to the new path until you get a another milestone…


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