This is one of my favorite topic to which I can talk for hours of my journeys and the absurd and the fanciful experiences.

Travelling helps us to explore that particular destination and also increase our love with nature and also increases our interaction with it. This thing is much vital amongst today’s generation.

Travelling is done in many ways, i.e. with friends, with family and solo travelling.

With family, you get closer to each and every member of your family. This helps in effective communication between each other and this synchronizes the thoughts and mindset of others with ours.

While travelling solo, you get to know about yourself, what are you actually, what should be your dreams, motive. Actually travelling solo should be done at a regular interval, because its ourself that we need to spend time with. This helps to explore deep with ourselfs and also helps to decide the motive of one’s life and goal which one targets to achieve.

The best part comes is travelling with “friends”. This proves to be life changing if you get a wondrous company to travel with. Its helps you to discover the real charisma of the person and who knows they will turn out to be the one of puzzle block of your life. Also it helps you to get along and make new friends or make the existing friendship stronger. It also helps you to get wind of the personalities of the other members.

Travelling helps an individual to get out of “digitized” world and see the real world and get into the real ambiance of the world. It helps to rejuvenate yourself and makes you free from the burden of the daily life. This concept has been adopted by the big companies, carrying out the camps and outings on weekends for their employees. This refreshes them and also makes them acquainted with each other so that the bonding gets stronger which is the most effective and a critical thing in teamwork.

So, we must understand that travelling isn’t merely going to a place and seeing the sceneries or historical things, but it also helps you to discover yourself and others with whom you are travelling.


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