New Year Resolutions


“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals”

We have seen many people taking resolutions, and also our well wishers advising us to take resolution in this upcoming new year.

This is actually a very good habit of taking resolutions. It gives you the direction towards the path which you will follow throughout the year. This direction is very much-needed as without this people get stranded off and simply waste their precious time which could be utilized in an efficient manner.

Adding to this, resolutions for the year gives you a fixed time duration in which you target to achieve the goal you have decided upon.  For this, one needs to make a planner/schedule which they need to follow in order to get what they have decided.

Also doing this makes their life much organised at least for the upcoming year, and they will have a foresight of where they should reach after few months.

For eg: If I take a resolution of loosing my weight by 20 kg by the end of this year, then I must have a foresight that by the mid of the year, i.e. by June, I must have reduced minimum of 10 kg.

Overall, resolutions are sort of taking competition with yourself and aiming to win this competition. And if we achieve even 90% of what we had aimed for, this gives us a great boost to our morale.

So lets take a resolution to be a better human being, help the needy and spread peace, as there’s solution through violence……..


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