This term is much used.. In fact I would say, we must have gone through this. It’s human nature to have expectations from others or from itself.

First, before discussing this in detail, we must know whether our expectations are valid or not. We must have expectations from others only if we are able to give same amount of dedication to the entity from whom we are expecting.

When we dedicate our self for someone, we tend to expect the same from the person on other side. This is but obvious, and in most cases this expectations turns out to be valid and legitimate.

But as we know, not all persons are the same as we think. Sometimes they are too shrewd or they consider themselves as a prophet, which leads to the downfall of the expectation we had built on.

But one must understand that in this world, we are here to help each other, stay with each other sanguinely and ebulliently rather than competing. I don’t say that we shouldn’t compete, but that should be limited to the workplace and not in the personal life.

There’s never a solution from a fight. It only destroys one side, leaving other side as a “winner”. The real thing is peace, which bonds two sides and productively creates good in society by their combined efforts

Coming back to our topic, one must build expectations only from those who are enough to respect it. For others, we must carry on doing good deeds keeping in mind our self-respect. We must not be the person who can be taken for granted, in fact, we must a person who helps everyone in the best possible way without any hatred or self-interest.

And if our expectations are broken, we must not feel sad, abhor the person, instead take it as a lesson and make sure that we avoid doing that mistake again.



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