What is a role model?

According to me, role model is a person whom an individual tries to emulate. His thoughts, his work, passion, dedication, determination, thinking, deeds are some of the many things which an individual covets for.

Role models serve as a thrust in one’s life. It gives you a road-map to your life which you can follow, so that you serve the purpose of your existence.

We learn many things from people around us. As said, we learn from seeing others, however we do not trust anyone that easily. But role model is an individual, whom we admire upon and have faith.

There are individual views and opinions about each’s role model. So it isn’t appropriate to argue that why him or her as your role model, instead we much argue that what is the thing in that particular individual, which made you have faith on him that his deeds are always good and perfect in your perspective.

Talking about mine, I admire BEAR GRYLLS as my role model. He is an adventurer, writer and television presenter. He came into rife with his show MAN vs WILD.

When I was watching this show, I really used to admire him. How he stood to problems he faced, never got panicked at any situation, getting inured to the environment to which you are not comfortable.

After that, I read his autobiography “MUD, SWEAT AND TEARS”. After that I realized how a person could be such a dignified personality. He had faced number of problems, he had great struggles, but still he emerged out of it as a winner, and how much successful he is that is known worldwide.

So, each and everyone should have a role model, and we must try to learn from them, gain knowledge from them and always cheer them.


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