Today’s topic will be filled with a bit of seriousness and some may not find it interesting.

In one’s life, one must be serious of what he does. His aims, his goals, his passions and main thing, his upcoming life.

There are times when we get engrossed into the fantasies of the world and then there’s a time where we find it difficult to come out of it. I don’t say that one must not fantasize, it actually sometime helps us to set our aim and final goals, but we must be sure of what we think of.

There are times when we get into a thing that pleases us, but we aren’t sure about its effect are there in the future times. Mostly this happens with the youth generation. Love, lust, addictions, and what not other things. I don’t say that these things harm us or destroys our future. It depends upon person to person and how he applies and to what extend into his life.

But the outcomes are sometimes devastating when such fantasies and short-term attractions get misfired, and sometimes, unfortunately, there is no means of countervailing the things happening, leaving the person gloomy and doleful.

At this youth phase, we should enjoy each and every  moment, also we must be a part of different adventures and pranks and all the things that would give us the memories to cherish, but we must also not cross our boundaries and be in the required limits.

So, as said instead of repenting for the outcomes and then suffering with it, one must take the precaution from first. Someone said it very well


One must analyze each and every aspect and angle before indulging into any such activity.

So, concluding the whole passage, we can say that things aren’t bad as they look, but instead of jumping into it directly, one must thoroughly calculate its “depth” and “outcomes” of it.

One must always remember this thing in life



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