Hello readers, took a bit of time to write something for you.  Today’s blog will broach upon the role that parents play in one’s life and how vital it is. Lets start with this quote



Parents play a very important role in moulding us and making us inure to the outside world so we can survive it.  Without them, it’s really an arduous task to compete and very few are able to survive it. If one wants to know the exact value of parents or how important they are in moulding your future, trust me; you won’t find a better place than an orphanage to understand it.

It’s because of them we are here and able to perform and deliver our best in front of this cruel and  competitive world. They sacrifice their happiness for us. They work ardently and without complaining, just in order to fulfil their children’s requirements.

Recently, I saw a play in which father used to work part-time as a pizza delivery boy in order to earn money which would compensate the tuition fees. And in return the child was being a wastrel by spending money on food and useless things.  This tells a lot about how much dedicated and inclined a person can be to one’s child disregarding what his child does.

So, as being a responsible child, we must take care that we do not make them regret for all the sacrifices and also for the dreams they have seen for us. We must take care that we do not argue with them.

Sometimes, they do not agree with the decisions we want to take. We must respect it. This is because they have seen the ‘outside world’ more than us and also have a copious experience related to it. So we must understand that. A parent will never be malevolent towards his child.

Also we must not demand the things that just out of temptation and grandioseness. They will not deny us for it, but they will instead spend their savings, that too  for the thing that you want for show-off.

Instead, we must understand and thank the almighty for giving us such a blessing in form of our parents and work hard beyond their exceptions, just in order to make yourself reach to that destination that your parents had a made a vision of.

So, we must take note of it, work hard in the field we are good at and make the best out of all the inputs our parents have poured into us.



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