Hello readers, took a bit of time to write something for you.  Today's blog will broach upon the role that parents play in one's life and how vital it is. Lets start with this quote " BEHIND EVERY YOUNG CHILD WHO BELIEVES IN HIMSELF, IS A PARENT WHO BELIEVED IN HIM FIRST " Parents play …

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What is a role model? According to me, role model is a person whom an individual tries to emulate. His thoughts, his work, passion, dedication, determination, thinking, deeds are some of the many things which an individual covets for. Role models serve as a thrust in one's life. It gives you a road-map to your …

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Hello friends, Priorities is a very important aspect of our life. Its is very much important to understand which thing needs what proportion of priority. It is something that shouldn't be brought by coercion, but rather than it should come on its own. Sometimes it is very confusing whom to give more priority. And its …

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